GCE and self hosted k8s 1.6 no route created

GCE and self hosted k8s 1.6 no route created

There is an annoying bug in Kubernetes 1.6 running on GCE with Calico/Flannel networking operating via CNI plugin interface.

You may experience same issue if kubelet on your nodes runs with options

--network-plugin=cni --cloud-provider=gce

When a new node is added to the k8s cluster it’s recognized as ‘Ready’ but no pods except Calico/Flannel pod are being scheduled there.

Static Site on Google Cloud Storage: Caching

Static Site on Google Cloud Storage: Caching

Be aware Google Cloud storage sets Cache-Control:public, max-age=3600 header for all files by default. This means files are going to be cached by browsers and proxies so it is going to take up to an hour for folks on the Internet to see an update.

I’ve decided to decrease default max-age value to 600. So I upload blog files with -h option set now:

gsutil -h "Cache-Control:public, max-age=600" rsync -d -r . gs://<bucket_name>/
0xDEAD Unicornz Ascending to a Cloud

0xDEAD Unicornz Ascending to a Cloud

What time is it? Migration time! Long story short I’ve decided to play a bit with Google Cloud services and Go. I’m really impressed with the platform so far - it’s awesomely documented and super easy to use. I was impressed to the point I’ve decided to move my blog from a VPS to Google Cloud Storage just to see how it goes.

Here is a step by step instruction

OpenStack Icehouse Reset Incorrect Quota Count for Nova

Sometimes when VM is deleted in not-so-correct way quota counters displayed in Dashboard => Project => Overview may not update correctly as well.

You may see that number of VMs/vcpus/RAM for tenant displayed on this page does not match actual values. For example it may display “Instances used 8 of 10” while you have only 5 VMs in this tenant.

OpenStack Glance Authentication and Changed Swift Password

Input data: OpenStack Icehouse, glance with swift backend. Admin username and password for swift service were changed. After this requests to download some images started to fail.

# glance --debug image-download <image_id> --file image_store_to --progress

returns 500 error for some image_ids and works for other.

in glance-api service log I see that for some reason previous user/password is still in use:

[glance.registry.client.v1.client]: 2014-12-31 02:49:47,235 DEBUG client.do_requ
est Registry request GET /images/<image_id> HTTP 200 r
equest id req-71062b81-963a-41c9-b6a6-3120f2f6f60b
[keystoneclient.session]: 2014-12-31 02:49:47,236 DEBUG session.request REQ: cur
l -i -X POST http://<keystone_node>:5000/v2.0/tokens -H "Content-Type
: application/json" -H "User-Agent: python-keystoneclient"
[keystoneclient.session]: 2014-12-31 02:49:47,236 DEBUG session.request REQ BODY
: {"auth": {"tenantName": "service", "passwordCredentials": {"username": "<previous_user>"
, "password": "<previous_password>"}}}