OpenStack Update Havana to Icehouse. Problems With Collation During Initial Database Migration

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Was working on upgrading OpenStack lab from Havana to Icehouse release. It looks like it’s common problem after installation of new OpenStack service packages if you have MySQL db backend. db_sync command

# <service>-manage db_sync

returns error related to the issue with collation of some tables in database.

For keystone I got the following error message:

ValueError: Tables "region" have non utf8 collation, please make sure all tables are CHARSET=utf8

To fix this you should log into mysql and alter table, for keystone:

mysql> use keystone;
mysql> alter table region convert to character set utf8 collate utf8_unicode_ci;
mysql> flush privileges;

After this migration should run smoothly. In general this issue/fix applies to all major OpenStack services.

Thanks to Bruce Martins, here is his blog post.