Extract Files With the Particular Extension From Zip Archive

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“find” linux utility may be very handy if you’re trying to grind large number of files. Trying to remove many files in the particular directory using

$ rm -f ./*

you may get something like

/bin/rm: cannot execute [Argument list too long]

but if you use find, you won’t hit such an issue

$ find . -maxdepth 1 -delete

Today I was asked to extract .xml files from zip archives. There were lot of zip files and lot of files with different extensions within archives.

Here is a command I’ve utilized:

$ find . -type f -name "*.zip" -exec unzip -B {} *.xml \;

It searches for .zip file in the active directory and extracts .xml files from them. Currently processed zip file name substituted instead of “{}”, “;” shows end of the command to execute. unzip -B stores .xml files with matching names as filename.xml~, filename.xml~1, etc…