Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop No LUKS + LVM in Installer

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Was choosing a Linux distro for new workstation. Decided to try Ubuntu 14.04.2 desktop on virtual server first and I think I’ll use Fedora 21.

I was unable to configure encrypted volumes in conjunction with LVM using Ubuntu 14.04 desktop installer. Here is an instruction how to configure it manually but, hey, I’ve heard Ubuntu is a user-friendly distro. Pity if this actually means all sharp toys are locked in a drawer. Furthermore when I tried to revert changes and remove encrypted volumes I’ve created installer just got stuck.

I thought the problem was somehow related to the fact that I’m trying to install to virtual server. Downloaded Fedora 21, gave it a try and everything worked like a charm on a VM.

Probably I’m trying to use it in a weird way but to me it does not look like Ubuntu is ready for desktop yet/already.