Some Library Cookbooks Already Rely on ‘Sensitive’ Method

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Recently participated in Chef cookbook upgrades. One of cookbooks depends on library rabbitmq cookbook => 3.1

The problem is that recent versions of rabbitmq cookbook (after 3.3.0) rely on newer chef-cient functionality and if you have chef-clients version < 11.14.0 installed on nodes chef-client run will fail and you will see the following error in the log:

undefined method `sensitive' for Chef::Resource::Template

This method allows to prevent sensitive data from being sent to chef-client log:

Use to ensure that sensitive resource data is not logged by the chef-client. Default value: false. This setting only applies to the execute, file and template resources.

Chef documentation

Here is code added to Chef 11.14.0

So if you’re experiencing same issue you need to update chef-clients to the version higher than 11.14.0 or rollback to the previous version of a cookbook.